Cooking classes

2017 List of Cooking Classes in Downtown Los Angeles. Most of the classes we offer are limited to 10 people with some exception to be a little smaller or a bigger group. The class usually finish within 3 hours including dining time. Only Ramen and Seafood Market Tour Class will take about 4 hours to finish. If you have any questions or have a gift certificate, please drop us an email from contact. 


Ramen Run Down

Have you thought about making Ramen at home? Let’s face it, creating a perfect bowl of Ramen is time-consuming and a LOT of work.  But it’s something we would love to try out for fun (or you could be serious) to comprehend the art of Ramen. So why not join our Ramen Run Down which was designed to feed your curious mind?! 

**What you'll learn**
Key ingredients to produce Tonkotsu soup (pork broth), Umami booster sauce to season pork broth (No MSG, All Natural Ingredients), 2 kinds of aromatic oil to add depth to the ramen, How to make ramen noodle, Juicy pork chashu and flavored soft boiled egg. 

**Rates**  $90 per person

"We've been teaching the Ramen class last five years and finally get to the point we are proud of all our recipes, including the noodle making! "


Seafood market tour & cooking 

Let’s visit the downtown L.A. wholesale fish market, where Japanese sushi chefs quietly walk around and place orders for their restaurants. Learn directly from the fish dealer what fishes are in season, their favorite products, and how they like to eat it! They do have services and products you may not know!

Meet at the market at 8 a.m. (The market closes Saturday at 9 am.) After the tour, we’ll bring the fish back to the Foodstory kitchen and prepare Japanese style fish dishes for lunch.

**Menu:** Japanese simmered fish, Sashimi, Grilled fish, Fishermen's soup, Oyster, Rice cooked with clams and minced ginger, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) and a vegetable pickle.

**Rates**   $120 per person 

"We usually buy Tai snapper,  Suzuki/Branzino/Loup de Mer, and Sole fish or cod. You learn how to fillet fishes! If local squids available, I teach how to prepare squid, too. This class is smaller size. If you want oysters, get your own!" 

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Simple Healthy @home sushi

Sushi has always been hand-made for special occasions in Japan. However, from older times to the present, we’ve used whatever vegetables or fish were available in the season. It’s not necessary at all to spend a fortune on sushi ingredients. That’s the true spirit of homemade sushi!

Temari Sushi (Kyoto style, eye pleasing tiny sphere-shaped sushi), Califonia Roll/Rainbow Roll, Zuke (savory sauce marinated tuna & salmon, one of the Edo-mae traditional cooking technique), Spicy tuna/salmon roll, Ginger & radish sweet vinegar pickle (Gari), Blanched seasonal vegetables with sesame sauce.

**Rates**  $90 per person


Nigiri SUSHI (Edo Mae Style Sushi)

The professional Japanese sushi chef from the well-respected LA sushi restaurant leads this class. The chef will demonstrate how to fillet a whole fish. And you will learn 2 ways of slicing the raw fish, for sashimi and sushi. You’ll slice the fish and make pieces of sushi all by yourself. You’ll also learn how to prepare sushi rice, sear raw fish, make fish soup by using fish bones, and make spicy sauce for hand rolls.

**Menu:** Nigiri Sushi 10 pieces (i.e; Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Tai Snapper, Shrimp, Scallop.), Spicy tuna hand roll, Creamy crabmeat hand roll, Fisherman's Soup, Blanched vegetable with nutty sesame sauce.

**Rates**   $120 per person


Japanese Cooking 101: Omnivore

In this introductory course on authentic Japanese cooking workshop, you'll learn about 2 different kinds of Japanese stocks using bonito flakes and dried kelp, knife skills, ingredients, seasonings and cooking techniques that are unique to Japanese cuisine. You'll learn about a different aspect of Japanese cuisine as well as explore the best seasonings you can get in LA. If you like Japanese food and are not a fan of using MSG boosted seasonings or if you take pleasure in cooking from scratch with basic ingredients, this is the perfect workshop series for you.  

A steamed savory egg soup with shrimp (Chawanmushi), A simmered vegetable & chicken dish (Nimono), The real Japanese Teriyaki chicken, not using teriyaki sauce, Beef & Potato Casserole ( Niku jaga), Blanched seasonal vegetables with sesame sauce, Rice with chicken and vegetables (Gomoku Gohan), Radish and carrot pickle

**Rates**  $90 per person


JAPANESE COOKING 101: Fish & Vegetables

In this introductory course on authentic Japanese cooking workshop: Fish & Vegetable class, you’ll learn 2 different kinds of Japanese stocks: dried fish & kelp stock called Iriko-dashi, vegetarian stock called “Shojin-dashi.” You’ll learn knife skills, ingredients, seasonings and cooking techniques that are unique to Japanese cuisine, as well as explore the best seasonings you can get in LA. If you like Japanese food and are not a fan of using MSG boosted seasonings or if you take pleasure in cooking from scratch with basic ingredients, this is the perfect class for you.

**Menu** Grilled Miso cured salmon, Simmered fish, Root vegetable soup, Blanched vegetable with creamy tofu & sesame paste dressing, "Kinpira" burdock, Teriyaki Tofu,  Shio-Koji pickles with Yuzu kosho, Rice with soy beans

**Rates**  $90 per person


Yakitori & Izakaya

Yakitori is the word for Japanese skewers. It looks deceptively simple enough to make on your own, but there are quite a few must-know facts to help you take it to the next level. We'll use Jidori chicken and fresh vegetables for grilling. 

3 Most Popular Yakitori Variations: Negima- Scallions and chicken thigh, Tare - Grilled chicken wing with teriyaki sauce (we'll make Furaibo style peppery teriyaki chicken wing), Tsukune -Tender chicken meatballs. Tofu with dengaku miso sauce, Crunchy Onigiri (rice balls) with seasoning, Salmon and Avocado Salad with wasabi dressing, Mentaiko (Spicy cod roe) Pasta with Shiso leaves

**Rates**   $90 per person


Japanese Noodle MakinG: Udon to Ramen

Did you know that one of the traditional ways to make Japanese noodle involves stepping on it? If you're looking for a fun activity, this is the one! Udon noodles are very popular and has a long history in Japan. No wonder there are so many variations of noodle in every region. This class will teach all you need to know to make Japanese noodle varieties. In addition to make a few variation of udon noodles, we will teach you how to make buckwheat and ramen noodle by tweaking udon making technique! You will also learn how to make traditional dipping sauce called "Tsuyu". "Goma dare", the nutty sesame sauce  is a perfect dipping sauce for shabu shabu and chicken salad.  

Japanese noodles (different gluten ration udon noodles, green tea, ramen & buckwheat) , Pork Shabu Shabu Salad & Tender Chicken, Shrimp Tempura, 2 kinds of noodle dipping sauce {soy sauce based tsuyu and nutty sesame "Goma-dare".

**Rates**   $90 per person

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Art Of Japanese Bento Box

This course will teach you how to make a Japanese-style bento box that your loved ones (and you) will adore. You'll get the chance to explore your artistic side by learning how to create cute faces and flowers out of edible ingredients. 

**Menu**  Burdock root stuffed beef with ginger sauce, Vegetable stuffed pork with garlic teriyaki sauce, "Karaage" the Japanese fried chicken, "Matsukaze-yaki": Miso flavored chicken meat loaf, "Tamago-yaki" Egg rolls, Blanched vegetables with sweet sesame sauce, "Onigiri" rice balls and other cutting techniques!

$90 per person


Street foods Feast

The most popular street foods from Osaka are Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Think it, as bar foods you would love to eat while drinking beer. If an umami-rich sauce and Japanese mayo topped with bonito flakes sounds enticing to you, you have to give it a try! So what it really is: Tako means octopus in Japanese. It is a one-bite size, round-shaped savory food, fluffy inside and crispy outside with a piece of octopus in the center. Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake packed with lots of vegetables. You also have the option of adding your favorite toppings such as pork belly, shrimp, mochi, and cheese....anything you like! That's where the word "okonomi" comes from: made to suit your own taste! Since it creates a really easy, well-balanced and complete meal, Japanese families make this pancake for lunch and dinner. 

**Menu**  Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Teriyaki Squid, 

$90 per person


A Taste of Home:  Delicious Dishes from a Vietnamese Kitchen

You will learn how to create some famous signature Vietnamese dishes from Truong. Chef Truong dedicates his weekends to celebrating “Father & Son Vietnamese Cooking Day,” a family tradition in which he and his father cook a meal for their entire family using a variety of recipes they’ve learned from his grandmother and aunt.  He has been documenting this experience in his recipe book for the past two years.

Passionate and knowledgeable about Vietnamese food, Chef Troung is ready to share some of his family’s cooking secrets with you.  Not only will you learn the basics of Vietnamese seasoning and cooking techniques, but you’ll also get a deeper understanding of the rules to pairing Vietnamese essential herbs with food.  It’s a rare chance to open up your palate and explore new flavor combinations. We have also carefully selected our ingredients so that they are easily available in most supermarkets and won’t require traveling to a Vietnamese market each time you want to recreate the dishes.

**Menu**  Beef Pho ( Oxtail soup with rice noodle), Crunchy rice cracker and protein packed 3 kinds of Spring Rolls: Shrimp, Sausage (Bo Bia) & Pork (Nem Cuon) with 2 kinds of dipping sauce (Vinegar fish sauce and Peanut butter orange sauce), Grilled marinated pork (Thit Nuong),  Dessert: Avocado milkshake

**Rates**  $90 per person