I came up with Foodstory as a way to pass on what I learned about food culture from my grandmother, great Japanese chefs in Japan and the US, my friends, books, and my fellow food lovers. I am still learning as I eat, read and talk to people. With Foodstory I hope to accomplish a couple of goals: to provide trustworthy food education around Japanese cuisine and ultimately to elevate the standards of Japanese cuisine in America by creating a well-informed customer base.

I think in order to keep raising the quality and level of Japanese restaurants in the US, Americans should be properly educated about Japanese food, probably starting with the most popular dish, sushi. Without learning about and tasting the variety and richness of Japanese food culture, it’s hard to genuinely appreciate what we are eating.

The Japanese say that good customers will foster better chefs and a higher quality of restaurants. I believe without the proper education around Japanese food, Japanese restaurants abroad will be unable to compete with the ones in Japan.

Telling you the Foodstory and learning about differences in culture is something I’m passionate about. I hope Foodstory will become a great source of information about Japanese food and food culture and that my food tasting events will be an exciting culinary adventure for everyone!