Travel with Sushi at Nibei Foundation in West LA

Adventurous participants tasting an array of old forms of Sushi.

First generation Sushi-Nare Sushi

Second generation Sushi – Sugata Sushi

My favorite Japanese vegetarian dishes are 野菜の白和え&茄子の煮浸し, Tofu and sesame paste smoothie mixed with cooked vegetable and Simmered eggplants in dashi soup. Pictured above on the left plate.

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Lecture at Nibei Foundation


I had an amazing time last Tuesday at the Nibei foundation. I was invited to be a guest lecturer for the Japan Study Club.  My lecture topic covered Sushi and Kaiseki history. There were a more than 100 people in the auditorium. I don’t think I would be this nervous if I was giving a lecture in Japanese. But since it was my favorite topic, Sushi history, i did better then i had expected. I designed Sushi Event to explore a 2000+ years of Sushi history nearly 2 years ago. Wow, It’s been almost 2 years since I did my first test event… As I kept reading and searching more on this topic, I became more confident to represent this subject. I think presentation was visually interesting and that made it appealing to many of the audience members.

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